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The Future Of Cybersecurity Is In The Balance

Cyber risk is categorised as the third biggest risk for doing business according to the World Economic Forum. As we look to an increasingly cloud-based and mobile IT future, the cybersecurity situation has been getting steadily worse, with attackers seeing an opportunity for almost risk-free gain. A step change both in protective technologies and market correction, is required to redress the balance.

Garrison is working to make this change happen.

Against the backdrop of a broken cyber market

Cybersecurity spending keeps rising


to $124 billion in the last 5 years

Source: Microsoft

Attacks are more and more frequent


in the last 5 years

Source: Accenture

The damage is only getting worse

On average


per organisation in 2018

Source: Accenture

Our purpose

Something has to change – and it won’t be easy.

Reinventing IT is not for the faint-hearted. Luckily we have a phenomenal team working to make it happen. We are a truly deep tech company, applying security patterns developed by the National Security sector to develop enterprise solutions for the commercial world, laying the foundations for truly secure, flexible and scalable IT.
Fixing a broken cyber market

We believe that there are fundamental flaws in the economics of the cybersecurity market, and it turns out we're not alone. Research by Debate Security into the efficacy of cybersecurity technology shines a light on a cyber "market for lemons" (as defined in Akerlof's 1970s research) where information asymmetry is the source of a breakdown between buyer and seller, and starts to address how it can be fixed.

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Reinventing the future of IT

Garrison has taken a huge step towards investing in tomorrow's ultra-secure and increasingly mobile IT infrastructure by developing the world's first hardsec cloud. Find out why today's Turing machines are inherently vulnerable, and how hardsec addresses that challenge.

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Solving secure internet access

For over a decade, web-borne, targeted phishing attacks have ranked as the number one cyber risk for enterprises (according to a study by Verizon). Garrison has solved this problem with revolutionary hardsec-based security technology enabling users to click on any link and browse without concern.

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Our background

Garrison was founded with the aim of securing the future of IT. Here are a few milestones on our journey.

David Garfield and Henry Harrison found Garrison to develop hardsec concepts for the commercial world
First MVP hardware prototype installed into enterprise network
World’s first custom hardsec & Garrison SAVI® hardware produced
Garrison emerges from stealth mode
Garrison reaches its first 50 employees and raises $30m in a Series B funding round
Garrison is named as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum
Customers span 4 continents where Garrison is protecting critical national infrastructure

Supporting the cyber ecosystem

We are deeply embedded in the global cybersecurity ecosystem with key involvement in initiatives such as the World Economic Forum Global Innovator, Debate Security, and more, as well as receiving essential support from government both in the UK (NCSC) and US.

Our investors

Garrison has raised over $50 million to date and is strongly supported by its investors.


Garrison is certified against the ISO 27001 standard and SOC2 Type 2 standard.