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Silicon Assured Video Isolation

Hardsec-based Garrison SAVI® technology.


Unique Security Platforms

Just ‘detecting bad’ is no longer enough.

Garrison’s model is different. We eliminate threats by transforming everything into a guaranteed safe format. Built on hardsec security patterns, our threat elimination platforms deliver unparalleled security, performance and scale.
Garrison ULTRA® Cloud Platform

Garrison ULTRA® delivers the hardsec power of the GIA and GTA as a cloud‑based service

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Garrison SAVI® Isolation Appliance

The GIA converts web browsing and other interactive applications to guaranteed safe video and audio

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Garrison SACS® Transfer Appliance

The GTA is a hardsec platform for generic data import, and can be used alongside the GIA

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Securing software using software is building a house on sand. Garrison builds security on the bedrock of non-Turing-machine hardware.

Avoiding the fundamental problems of software, hardsec represents a true revolution in the way we think about security.

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Garrison works closely with a number of national authorities including UK NCSC (CAPS and the Cross-Domain Industry Pilot) and US NCDSMO (Raise the Bar compliance).

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